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A second love.

Besides music, Victor is also an actor and a playwright.

In 2019, he co-authors the dark comedy musical “Barflies Tales” with friend and fellow songwriter Bandini.

Together they present a first prototype of the play with a SOLD-OUT night at the Half Moon (Putney) before scaling it up to a larger production.

“Barflies Tales” was then successfully introduced at The Cockpit Theatre on 15th August 2019 as part of the Camden Fringe Festival.


Barflies Tales

Is a dark comedy musical set in a blues & cocktail bar in Limbo, where the characters are stuck for eternity, bound to unknowingly relive the same day over and over again. With six actors and a five-piece blues band, it is an action-packed, immersive performance featuring original music, physical comedy and audience interaction.

The cast

Bandini, Victor Marichal, Huw Joseph, Ann Liu, Gavin Brooks, Jacob Powell

Pictures of “Barflies Tales” at The Cockpit, by Louise Carpenedo.

“Barflies Tales” is now on its way to theatre festivals and other receiving theatres!

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