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A midnight coffee-house collision between Blues, Jazz and Storytelling
— Rockshot Magazine

Victor Marichal is an independant musician, songwriter and storyteller based in London, UK.

A self-taught guitar and piano player with roots in flamenco and African blues music, Victor trained as a jazz singer in Paris before establishing himself as a musician and storyteller in London.

Before taking on his native French name in 2019, Victor released two EPs (“Den of the Dog” & “Live at EastCote Studios”) under previous monikers.

His debut album is in the making and the first single, ‘Jumping Down a Star’ came out on 15th June 2019.

Victor also co-wrote the dark comedy musical ‘Barflies Tales’, which was selected to be part of the Camden Fringe Festival. The play will take place at The Cockpit on Thursday 15th August, tickets on sale here.

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Previous works


V’VOX ‘Live at Eastcote Studios’ 12’’ Vinyl

1. Fearless Adventurer
2. Cloud Shepherd
3. Sidewalk Empire
4. L’indomptable
5. Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Tom Waits cover)
6. The Snatcher


Victor & The Rain Dog ‘Den Of The Dog’ CD

1. Moving With You
2. Shattered Creature
3. The Boy & The Scaffold
4. Fiercely Dreaming
5. 100 Words



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